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Faculty of Commerce : The College has been providing the facility of courses of  B. Com. since July 1947 & M.Com. from July 1949. The College has also been providing the research facility for  the Degree of  Ph.D. from 1978. In the faculty of commerce three departments are at work: 

1) Business  Administration

2) Accounts & Law 

3) Applied Business Economics

At the level of B.Com. all the three subjects are compulsory. For the degree of M.Com. any one of the above subject is optional & on the basis of that the university offers the Degree of M.Com. with that specialization. Faculty of  ICICI` E-learning course -For B.Com Students of B.Com. III year of the college.

Note: Intermediate Examination pass Student of any group is eligible for admission in B.Com.

Faculty of Science : The College started the facility of  Science from 1962. At present the facilities is available for M.Sc. & Ph.D. in Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics. For admission in B.Sc., following choices of group are available


Physics, Chemistry & Maths.



Physics, Maths. & Statistics 


Physics, Maths. & Computer Science


Maths., Statistics & Computer Science


Zoology, Botany & Chemistry


Zoology, Botany & Military Science

Note : For group 1,2,3 & 4 Maths is compulsory subject in Intermediate. For group 5 & 6 Zoology & Botany are compulsory subjects in Intermediate.

Faculty of Arts (M.A. & Ph.D.): in Economics, Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Sociology, Maths, Drawing & Painting, History, Geography, Psychology & Political Science in the faculty of Arts. Facilities are available for the degree of Ph.D.  & M.A.

B.A.:  Three Years Syllabus


Compulsory Subjects

1) Rashtra Gaurav 

2) Environmental Studies

3) General English or Hindi Language or General Sanskrit


Optional Subjects: Any three subjects from the followings

1) Sanskrit

7) Sociology

2) Hindi Literature

8) Psychology

3) English Literature

9) Political Science

4) History

10) Military Science

5) Economics

11) Drawing & Painting

6) Geography

12) Maths


1) No student is allowed to choose more than two literature subjects.

2) No student is allowed to choose more than two practical subjects.

3) Students having passed Intermediate with less than 40%  marks in English are not allowed to get admission in B.A. Part 1 with English Language / English Literature.

4) Graduates of Science, Agriculture or Commerce will not be allowed to get admission in P.G. classes of Arts faculty (except Economics for Commerce Graduates). If the number of applicants of Art Faculty is less than the number of seats to be filled, then other candidates can be admitted as per rules.

Faculty of Education : In the faculty of education one year Degree course in B.Ed. is also available. Candidates are selected for B.Ed. only on the basis of entrance examination held by the university.

Faculty of Law : The college has been running LL.B. (3 years) classes from 1947.


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